Women Who Inspire: Jaimie Dewberry

Jaimie Dewberry

Jaimie Brown Dewberry is the Director of The Dewberry Foundation and Principal of Studio Dewberry. Following her undergraduate education at Georgia Southern University where she nurtured an underlying passion for philanthropy, Mrs. Dewberry began her career with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Alexander-Tharpe Fund in Athletic Development. From there, she joined Dewberry Group as Director of The Dewberry Foundation, where she manages charitable requests, contributions, and strategic planning. A native of Dalton, Georgia and the daughter of design and home décor retail business owners, Mrs. Dewberry parlayed her appreciation for art and antiques into her latest role with at the helm of Dewberry Group’s Studio Dewberry. As Principal, she oversees design and procurement along with her husband, John.

Dewberry Group was founded by Jaimie's husband, John. He created Studio Dewberry in 2014 to handle everything from architecture and interiors to product development and procurement, as well as graphic art and branding, for all of the real estate and hospitality properties within Dewberry Group’s portfolio. Their most distinguished project to date is the opening of the five-star The Dewberry hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. Today, Mrs. Dewberry divides her time among the family’s homes in Charleston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Doonbeg, Ireland.

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Q&A with Jaimie

Who has inspired you and helped shape you into the (amazing) businesswoman you are now?
There are a few people that come to mind.

1) My late grandfather and my namesake, James, who was a self-made man. He grew up in the carpet camps in Dalton, GA, was able to attend college on a baseball scholarship, and went on to build and sell three different companies. While he was known as a tough cookie when it came to business, he also loved in larger-than-life ways!

2) Both of my parents, who have always owned or been involved with family businesses. Growing up, my parents ingrained in my brother and I that we could do anything we set our minds on and to never—ever—quit!

3) Last, but not least, my husband. He has really been so supportive and has created a space for me to get my hands dirty and work alongside of him. It’s been such a wild ride to learn so many facets of the real estate and design business in such a short amount of time, but jumping into things headfirst has always been my style.

If you had to pick one thing…what would you say has been the key to your success?
I think my attitude. We run a tight ship and have a small but mighty team, so we all really depend on each other. However, we’re busy! And there are alllllways fires to put out in business not to mention, on top of that, life happens. With that, I’ve found that 10 times out of 10, with the right attitude you can make anything happen.

Tell us a little about your role within the Dewberry Group and the other ventures you are involved in?
I am the Director of The Dewberry Foundation. This division of our company is the charitable arm and I manage all contributions and strategic planning.

Additionally, I am one of the principals of Studio Dewberry, our in-house design and architecture team which handles everything from architecture and interiors to product development and procurement, as well as graphic art and branding, for all of the real estate and hospitality properties within Dewberry Group’s portfolio.

Everyone’s talking about pivoting as the key to success during these crazy times. How has the Dewberry Foundation pivoted to continue to support others?
My personal favorite “pivot” project in 2020 was lost loose and loved – a land art piece that we showcased in Atlanta in partnership with glo ATL. We have a sloping, yet-to-be developed piece of land in Midtown Atlanta that we allowed native Southern wildflowers to be planted on, that represent diversity, green justice, and hope. The site-specific micro prairie was an invitation to join with community and feed our consciousness through the art of choreography and enacting social duties related to place, the body, and the environment.

glo has been commissioned by Dewberry Group and Dewberry Foundation to map the 2.5 acre site with wildflowers to rise up through summer. On September 10th, six female moving artists and sound artists serenaded its flowers and human listeners. It was truly a moving experience which was well received throughout the Atlanta community.

Jaimie Dewberry

How does fashion empower you the way you empower others?
It is our amour!!! Depending on what you are facing that day… you can dress for the occasion. I think it’s pretty neat that you can express yourself and make a statement without even speaking, simply by what you wear.

How would you describe your personal style in three words?
Effortless, Eclectic, and Effervescent

What fashion trends are you most excited about for Spring right now?
I am a true lover of flowers- in nature, in home décor, in art…. and I’m so happy to see it now so front and center in fashion. I hope it stays!

Who are your favorite designers at the moment? 
Oh, so many! Where to even begin!?! Tibi, Apiece Apart, Mara Hoffman, Rachel Comey, CO, Nili Lotan.

What are you most hopeful for?
CHANGE! I feel this movement deep inside of me….that truly people are trying to collectively be better listeners. I also choose to believe that people will think more about how they as individuals can make an impact on the world by starting within their own neighborhoods. When I start to think deep on this, I come back to small positive changes WILL change our world.

Jaimie Dewberry

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