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What inspires you daily?

Being around women and learning about their stories. Every single woman is different and yet we can all relate to the same emotions, dreams, and situations!


What is the inspiration behind your SS20 collection?

Every collection is like a chapter in the storybook of the Dorothee Schumacher woman. And in this chapter, her urge to discover the world has made her go to explore the Berber culture while diving deep into the unique earthy tones that characterize their natural surroundings.


What would you tell others to inspire them to think bigger and tackle their dreams?

Think bigger. always. And tackle your dreams. Always.


What advice would you give your younger self?

Never stop learning.



Why did you choose to partner with Hampden for your first-ever US pop up experience?

Hampden was love at first sight. The way they listen to their customers, the way they make sure that they feel special, respected, and understood is exactly what I believe in. I could not be more excited to do this together!


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