Women Who Inspire: Dani of Salt + Stem

Ashley Limehouse

Dani Motley is the face behind Salt + Stem Wandering Flower Truck. She sells her beautiful blooms out of the back of a vintage F100 shortbed truck. You can find her at your favorite local coffee shops, wine shops, festivals, and markets in the Charleston Area. When asked about the inspiration behind the name, she says, "Salt is good for the soul! It is also good for fresh cut flowers. A pinch of salt in vase water acts as plant food and an antibacterial! And for Stem, you can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Whether you are brightening your own personal space or brightening the day of someone close to you, flowers are always a good idea."

Q&A with Dani

What has shaped you into the business woman you currently are?
Taking chances, saying yes to things that may be outside of my comfort zone and making genuine connections with people in Charleston's community who's brands I enjoy, admire or believe in!

How have your facets of work helped you deal with your surroundings?
I am a very creative person, something not always nurtured in my corporate roles. Having the creative outlet of the Flower truck has allowed me to express myself more fully. It also brings me a lot of joy when I see others who find joy in my work.

Where do you find all your flowers? What about inspiration for the bouquets?
We like to source from local growers like Yuri Hanna Farms and Feast and Flora, we try to have 70% of our truck inventory come locally. I like light and airy feeling bouquets with a lot of texture and points of interest. Inspiration varies from day to day or special event!

When did your project start, and how has Salt + Stem continued to fuel that passion?
Salt and Stem is my passion project, we started on June 29th of 2019. It is constantly changing and we are constantly meeting new business partners and clients. I love when an opportunity arrives to evolve creatively! Evolution is exciting and helps to fuel the vision for what Salt and Stem could one day become! With the help of all of our Wanderers, of course!

Does Hampden cater to your style? If so, what are some of your favorite designers or pieces currently at Hampden?
Yes, Hampden has such adventurous and fun styles. Right now with the heat rising in Charleston, I love all your light summer dresses. Some of my fav designers from pieces which you are currently offering are: Ciao Lucia, Mara Hoffman and I LOVE the Sacai Voile Dress!

What can we do as a community to unite and support the BLM movement? How can we continually support?
Be an active ally, not a performative one. Stand up in spaces and speak on micro or macro aggressions when you see them being committed. Be willing to say that race is a systemic issue in this country. Because it is and it will not be fixed quickly or painlessly. I do understand that living with discomfort is something that may be new to some people but is not new to a vast majority of others. It is actually a way of life-- existing in a space that is not entirely comfortable for you. It is important to remove yourself from the center of the narrative and take in someone else's perspective. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable if we want to make any progress for future generations.

What are you most hopeful for?
With current events in our society, dealing with both civil rights issues and the global pandemic, hope is a luxury for a lot of people. While being hopeful is a luxury that I do get to participate in currently, I also recognize that this isn't the case for a large number of people. My greatest hope is for that fact to change in the near future. But you know what they say, hope is not a strategy. We need action from everyone. So take care of others as well as yourself: wear your mask, wash your hands, don't be homophobic, don't be sexist, be anti-racist.

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