Dellz: Keeping Cool In The Family

Michael and Mo

"My goal for Dell’z moving forward is to become a creative hub for novice and experts to help, create, and learn from each other." - Michael Bonds




Q&A with Michael and Mo

When did your mom first open Dell'z?
My mom and I opened Dell'z February 11, 2009

What was it like growing up around the restaurant?
Growing up in a restaurant is the best education on communication skills. There were so many people from different cultures, different generations, different mentalities, and different behaviors. A great amount of knowledge is acquired over the years.

How are you and Mo putting your own twist on the new Dell'z? What is different, what stayed the same?
I am putting my own twist on Dellz by publicly stating what we stand for. I also create clothing campaigns and honor our customers exclusively on a weekly basis. I eliminated all the dairy products and it’s just me in the kitchen 🙃   What stayed the same is the standard for service and food quality. The requirements for proper internal energy before touching the food. 


How have things changed for you all since the pandemic and everything that came out of that?
The pandemic really affects the way we get food from distribution to us. A lot of items are not easily available like they once were. The pandemic affected our customers dramatically in the way they dine-in. Unfortunately, we do not get to verbally communicate face to face as we once did. It truly breaks my heart. What came out of this is that we have to express ourselves through social media platforms and it is challenging to give your heart to people to have in the palm of their hand, on their phone. Michael, you are experimenting a lot with food and its presentation.

How do you hope to translate this to the food that everyone expects when they go to Dell'z?
The experimental thing is based off of finding a way to challenge myself while progressing the cuisine. It is difficult at times for customers who have been supporting us since the beginning because they just want the same thing that they first fell in love with years ago. The newest customers are super supportive and send me emails daily of their experiences and excitement for the future.

Broad question - What is your goal for Dell'z moving forward?
My goal for Dell’z moving forward is to become a creative hub for novice and experts to help, create, and learn from each other. This can happen through sewing, coding, music, cooking, and fitness. I'm remodeling the gym we have slowly built during the pandemic. I want to use my brain for creating our family's wealth, cultivating our health, and eliminating the physical labor that holds me in one spot for the day. I will make Charleston the premier place for creatives within the next 5 years.

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