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After graduating from Harvard in 2009, Serena followed her passion for food to Le Cordon Bleu Paris, receiving her cuisine diploma in 2011. Since then, she has put her culinary skills to work as a private chef, food writer, recipe developer, and blogger at She is currently a food contributor for and a member of SELF Magazine’s SelfMade Collective (an elite group of 25 influencers in the lifestyle space), as well as the former private chef for two players on the New York Giants. She also creates regular video content for her growing YouTube channel. Serena’s writing, recipes and photography have been featured on The Huffington Post,, SELF. Com,,, BuzzFeed and POPSUGAR among others. Follow her @serenagwolf and @dudediet.

What inspires you daily?
My forever mission is to make creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle realistic, accessible, an most importantly, FUN. Knowing that my recipes and words might help someone feel happier and healthier is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

What inspired THE DUDE DIET?
The Dude Diet was inspired by my husband Logan. Upon moving in together, I realized that Logan’s diet was terrifying, and I quickly became worried about his long-term health. I’d occasionally suggest that Logan consider cleaning up his eating habits but was met with extreme resistance, so I committed myself to changing his perspective on eating well and began recreating his favorite comfort foods—I’m talking everything from lasagna and cheesesteaks to cocktails and cupcakes—using nutrient-dense whole foods. My mission wasn’t to create recipes that were “good for being healthy,” but rather ones that were straight up delicious and elicited the same excitement freakouts associated with more fattening fare. He loved these recipes, and I knew that if I could get Logan psyched about nutritious food, I knew I had a shot at converting other skeptics. And thus, The Dude Diet was born. Despite it’s name, it’s not just for men! The Dude Diet is a lifestyle for anyone—regardless of gender, age, and nutritional understanding—who wants to grab their health by the proverbial balls, get busy in the kitchen, and eat drool-worthy nutritious food sans deprivation. In a time when everyone and their mom seems to be promoting a new diet with a laundry list of restrictions (Paleo, and Keto, and Whole30, oh my!), The Dude Diet offers an accessible alternative for those looking to live well while without sacrificing the foods they love.

What would you tell others to inspire them to think bigger and tackle their dreams? 
The best piece of advice I've ever received is, "It takes 10 years to become an overnight success." Be patient and persistent in pursuing your goals. Sure, there are a few people who blow up overnight on the Internet or on television, but for most, it’s a slow burn. Show up. Every day. Stay true to who you are, be willing to work really, really, insanely hard, and know that for every one yes, there are likely to be a hundred nos. 

What advice would you give your younger self?
Stay the course. You're doing great, sweetie. ;)

How would you define your personal style and what are you favorite pieces at Hampden right now? 
Classic with a twist. 
 Mika Mismatched Earring Inko Sweater in Green