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Sarah Frick knows a thing about inspiring women to start small and think big. She is the owner of Charleston's latest sweat studio, The Works. This is where Sarah inspires women to push themselves out of their comfort zone to shed layers of doubt, fear, and resistance. Check out what has inspired her to shop small and think big in 2019.



How does small inspire you? 
  • Everything Stacy does inspires me!  Truly.  She is on the ground hustling every day to make way for women like me to not be scared to live out my dreams.  To take big leaps, to work hard and be seen in a world where men are still more respected then me and paid more.  Small to me is a symbol of Stacy standing at the top, throwing out lifelines to all us ladies coming up in the ranks of girl boss world.  She does it with grace and style and I admire the fuck out of that.

What are your favorite pieces from small?

  • Why is it important to shop at a female owned business like small? I LOVE everything at small., like truly. Its so my vibe.  Easy, affordable, yet special enough to make me feel like a boss walking out the door.  I love VEDA and anything that fits me like a glove but has a hint of boho flair and an edge of feminine sexiness.  Women supporting women is how the world turns.  Like the Queen says... "who runs the world.  girls!" - Beyonce.

What would you tell others to inspire them to think bigger and tackle their dreams? 

  • Here is what Stacy said to me when I was contemplating a HUGE career move that would change my life, my path, and take a lot of sweat and tears. "In 10 years do you still see yourself here?  Or are you ready to grow and do more?".  It was like a hit to the face.  I was like... lets roll!  To the top.  All the way up.  I will fall.  I will get back up.  I will fail.  I will win. But I will not live a basic life where I am not challenging and inspiring other women including myself and my daughter.

What advice would you give your younger self?

  • Lorrrrddddddd!  "Stop it Sarah... you're not fat.  Just because she has what you want doesn't make her a bitch.  Just because he didn't ask you out you're not ugly.  Just because you didn't get the invite doesn't make you less cool.  Slow down, don't rush through the pain you gotta feel this one.  "Thank you - next" AND You do you girl!  Rock on with that inner confidence (thank you mama!) and vibe of super self love and the world will not only be your oyster but you will meet yourself. In those places of where you feel rejection or pain and guess what babe- shit gets REAL good so hang on a few extra breaths when you want to give up on yourself.  Stay the course.  None of it is random!"

How have you learned to dress for yourself?

  • To be me.  Another reason I Love stacy.  I live in spandex and am on the go in a sweat induced state most days.  Stacy sees me for me and just accessories me to look my best for who I am.  Golden goose sneakers and a soft hoodie or sweater to match my day workout wear or a long flowy skirt paired with a crop top and sexy heels.  She gets me and has truly made me LOVE fashion!