Stacy's Packing List

Stacy gives us her must-have list of what to pack in your checked and carry on bags.

In Your Checked Bag

  • Away suitcase
  • Steamer - (Shop Stacy's favorite model)
  • Bathing suit
  • Phone charger
  • Take photographs of your credit card and ID
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby pins / hair ties
  • Crossbody bag for day
  • Clutch for night
  • Tote bag for things purchased while traveling

In Your Carry On Bag

  • Sweater or sweatshirt for a pillow
  • Underwear and bra
  • Packable dress
  • Make-up
  • Book
  • Jewelry
  • Disposable tooth brush
  • Travel face wash
  • Hair brush / hat for red eye flights
  • Band-aids
  • Sunglasses
  • Computer and charger (download a movie beforehand!)
  • Flight aware app (Download it here)